Inspired by the wonderful an unique work from Dr Jaks, "The Bag of Mystery Act" is a portable full show that you can offer to your audiences in casual or professional settings.

Herbert Siegbert Jaks offers in his underground work a beautiful focus in aesthetics, the power of the micro-miracles and mystery that you will learn in this act.

The pendulum that is offered in this act is an exclusive and handmade dual pendulum, created with a beautiful combination of silver and gemstone.

The ring provided is a "Shing" ring, which will offer you now just an appealing everyday accessory, but several interesting secret features.

In the complementary eBook you will learn:

The Bag of Mystery Act
1. Element Opener: Open your close up audience with a quick and effective way to predict an unknown piece of information such as your participant zodiac sign.
2.Ring of Focus: Using your beautiful looking ring, you will be able to reveal a thought, using it as a crystal ball
3. Jaks Vibrations: A multi-phase routine that involves synchronicity and mindreading in unique ways

Extra Routines:
1. Close Up PK Stone: After a moment of focus, a small stone starts to move just by itself! (from the TK Kit)
2. Ring of Energy: Show the power of focus and positive intention using your pendulum and your ring
3. Personal Symbolic Opener: Predict a named symbol AND the participant´s name in a powerful and simple way. No pre-show

With your order you will receive

1. Exclusive and unique Dual Pendulum 
3. "Shing" ring (after your order I will contact you for your ring size)
4. Close Up PK Stone
5. Complementary eBook

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